Stats Recorder
The Stats recorder a modification to the game which adds the necessary code for tracking statistics. Installation takes seconds, and once installed, the mod is bound to the game itself, and requires no special startup.

By clicking download, you've read the disclaimer and are accepting the risks. Download Last updated: 11/28/18.

Install Guide
How it works
The mod is a dll written in C++ that gets loaded into the game from a modified game file. The mod detours a function of the game, then listens for a message signifying the end of of an online match. Upon receiving that info, it asynchronously calls a function that gathers up all of the scoreboard data from memory, then formats that into an array ready to be sent to the Battlefrontstats server.
Simply extract the .exe file, then double click it. If your game is installed to the default location, it'll need no input from you. If you have the game installed in a different location however, you'll have to select that location when prompted to by the installer. If prompted for a file, select starwarsbattlefrontii.exe in the game's installation directory.
After the game updates, the modded files will persist, with no need to reinstall the mod. If the game update breaks the mod, it'll be necessary for me to patch it, and you'll have to re-run the existing installer. Be sure to join our discord server to stay in touch.
Modding the game at all is technically against the TOS, and you're risking the consequences as a result of violating those terms of service. It's never happened, but we are in no way responsible if your account is banned. There are extensive measures in place to verify the anticheat doesn't falsely label this as a cheat, and we've never had anybody get banned as a result of this mod. I've got years of experience in evading FairFight and their detection methods, so we take this as a top priority. While the likeliness of having action taken against your account is next to zero, we have to point it is still a violation of their terms of service, and we're not responsible for you doing that.